Alex Allen

My earliest memories of yoga are with my mum, in the 80s, working from a book that was published probably 2 decades earlier – the yogi may have even had a beehive hairdo.  I practiced off and on for years, but it wasn’t until after I had twins that yoga truly became part of my life.  Practicing makes me a better person: if I’m cranky, my kids will tell me “you need yoga!”  They’re right – I do, and I believe that everyone else does, too.  Teaching yoga brings me the same sense of balance and contentment as my own practice.  I love seeing students new to yoga find their confidence in the asanas, and experienced yogis make subtle adjustments to deepen theirs.  I like to find the power and the fun in the practice, and I love the breath that binds the community at Halifax Yoga.  

Outside of the studio and my day job, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen – loads of cooking and dishes, but better yet hanging out with good friends.  I love getting out for a hike or snuggling up to watch a movie with my family, and am seldom without a book.  The most common thing for me to look forward to is my next trip.       

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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