Jo-Leen Saulnier

My passion for yoga started very unexpectedly 4yrs ago, I injured my wrist and was into a lot of sports that I wasn’t able to return to. I had just moved into the area and kept noticing Halifax Yoga. I finally got the courage to go in and take a class which was a hot power. At the end of the class I knew I was in love with my new found release for my mind, body and soul.

A few months had past, a 40 Days to Personal Revolution program came up and I thought “why not”! I didn’t expect it to change my life the way it did. I saw things with new eyes, how I felt about myself and my commitment to my self care. Then the Yoga Teacher Training program came up and I was encouraged to register. I had no idea how this would shift my life, the growth alone is astonishing.

I am now a Yoga Teacher and have been teaching for three years, I started immediately after I graduated from the 200HR Power Vinyasa Teacher Training and recently graduated from a Mentorship program at Halifax Yoga. I also teach Yin/Yang at North Preston Community Centre.

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to guide and hold space for others during their practice, it truly is an honour that can not be put into words. I am currently teaching Pre Natal yoga and Yin yoga which I absolutely enjoy. My favourite type of class I love teaching is Yin/Yang.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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