Margot Schelew

I was first drawn to yoga as a university student recovering from a back injury and couldn’t believe how helpful it was. Yoga has changed a lot over the years, in fact, we didn’t even have yoga mats when I began.

With a long list of health professionals keeping my body running smoothly while training for triathlons, kayaking, and running, I decided it was time to truly take responsibility for my health to prevent further injuries. A friend noticed the teacher training program in the monthly newsletter and said “Hey Margot, I bet you’d enjoy that!” I was at a turning point in my life and needed a greater purpose. Little did I know just how impactful this decision would be.

I’ve had many teachers over the years but of particular note I enjoyed studying with Baron Baptiste in Mexico. As a result of this training, I became a better version of myself. Baron always said: When you show up to teach and show up big and be authentic. I loved the physicality of the practice; the toning and strengthening. Then I was swept away (or maybe blissed out) by Bernie Clark at a Buddhist retreat in Whistler where I learned Yin Yoga; my true passion. This was followed by Hypnosis training… et voilà… Yin Yoga à la Margot.

I am honoured to be teaching at Halifax Yoga and just love seeing all your smiling faces after a good set of Oms at the end of class.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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