August: Amanda MacEachern

I began teaching yoga at Halifax Yoga about 3 years ago. I was a practitioner for some time before Sherry Zak suggested that I take the YTT program. I knew this was the right decision for me because I have so much passion for yoga and the community that I wanted to serve. Halifax Yoga is home for me, every time I enter the doors something shifts.

My teaching style is straight from my heart, devotional, like my practice. I teach the sassy Shake Your Asana classes! My classes are hot, fun, energetic and life changing! Everyone is welcome to my classes, whether you are in a yoga class for the first time or you are an accomplished yogi.

Amanda MacEachern

I provide an experience which is fun and exciting and also very safe, with many variations of the poses. You will experience exciting and revolutionary things like being upside down but more importantly you will also experience full surrender and gratitude for what your body is made to do.

I teach Shake Your Asana on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. I also teach Intro to Advanced Poses on Tuesday evenings. All are welcome to my advanced class, you will learn to let go of fear and anxiety, in a safe way, to begin to feel harmony and confidence for what you are able to do!

I love talking about yoga and the poses and you will always find me staying after class, helping fellow yogis with poses they are interested in. Please do not hesitate to ask me for help with something when class is finished, this is my work.

My love for yoga radiates through my teaching, so please come laugh or cry with me, standing on your head or on your feet!


Amanda MacEachern

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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