• How to Break Your Yoga Break

    Everything in life has its ebbs and flows and your yoga practice is no exception. You are not alone if it has been a while since you have been to your mat. The beauty of yoga is that when you are ready, yoga will meet you where you are. Seane Corn’s advice  is “One aspect of the practice of yoga is that it can increase …

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  • Restorative Yoga ~ The Yoga of Empowerment

    When you hear the term Restorative Yoga, what comes to mind?  Restorative Yoga is often described as a gently practice of long held supported  postures, that is good for beginners, good for those with injury or those that need stress relief.  The words gentle, nourishing, relaxing are often used to describe this practice and it all very true.  A litany of recent studies and
    medical …

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  • My Little Warrior

    Seeing the look of pure joy on my daughter’s face as she moved into each pose was enough….
    My three year old daughter watched my husband and I practice yoga in our living room for her whole life. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when she started mimicking the poses alongside of us. She took great pride in demonstrating poses to us …

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  • Be Challenged.
    Still Your Mind.
    Find Community.

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