• Yogi of the Month – Sophia!

    I started practicing yoga when I was two, at Maple Tree Montessori.  Last year, I went to the Kids’ Mindfulness Yoga classes at Halifax Yoga, then started coming to yoga classes with my mum.

    My favourite class at Halifax Yoga is Aroma Flow class, with the little bottles of scents that you put on your hands.  It makes me feel happy when …

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  • Yogi of the Month – Janice Phillips

    After practicing yoga together for a while, my daughter suggested we do Yoga Teacher Training. “It’ll be fun!” she said. I thought of enrolling in previous Yoga Teacher Training’s, and always found excuses. This time there were no excuses…Halifax Yoga was convenient, offered excellent instruction, an incredible community, and a great opportunity for a mother-daughter experience. It was a good fit and my daughter was …

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  • Yogi of the Month – Stephanie Osberg

    My journey with Yoga began as a small girl in Stewiacke.  My friend’s mom would teach us some asanas each night, this also was where I learned to tie-dye, and brought all of my animal rescues (I believe that these were Stewiacke’s only hippies at the time.) We moved shortly after, and I was not to encounter yoga again until my 20’s. Until I …

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  • Stella Nikolaou – Halifax Yoga’s Yogi of the Month

    It was back in 2011 that my husband had bought my mother and I, 6 weeks of Intro to Yoga with Margot.  I had been resistant to trying yoga.  Friends kept telling me to try…I would say “ It’s not for me, I can’t sit still and I just don’t think I fit”  What did I know?  After my first class with Margot, I couldn’t wait to get to the …

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  • Erin Sloan

    I first came to Halifax Yoga last September when I joined the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program. I’d had a little bit of experience with yoga in the past few years, but I’d never regularly attended a studio while living with my parents in Murray Corner, NB. I came across HY and the 40 Days when I knew I was moving back to the …

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  • Jo-Leen Saulnier

    Hi there my name is Jo-Leen, I am 41 yrs young from Halifax NS
    My yoga adventure started just 5 months ago, back in Aug. The history of my yoga experience was attending 1 hot yoga session with my sister 10 years ago. I enjoyed it but never took my practice any further until recently.
    I was in a snowboarding accident and broke my wrist …

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