Stella Nikolaou – Halifax Yoga’s Yogi of the Month

It was back in 2011 that my husband had bought my mother and I, 6 weeks of Intro to Yoga with Margot.  I had been resistant to trying yoga.  Friends kept telling me to try…I would say “ It’s not for me, I can’t sit still and I just don’t think I fit”  What did I know?  After my first class with Margot, I couldn’t wait to get to the next class.  I was curious with what my body could and could not do.

I became a regular at the studio trying different style classes with different teachers.  In doing this I met some pretty incredible people who I now call friends.

Somewhere in the middle I became very ill, and could not practice. After 3 months of resting and getting my energy back, I was determined to get back to the studio.  Returning back to the studio this time was different.  This time it wasn’t about doing the poses right and looking ‘perfect’, or not taking child pose when I needed it most because I thought I would look weak if I did.  This time my practice went deeper.  It went deep into my thoughts and my body.  I listened.  I did what my mind and body needed.

I had always wondered what it meant when the special teachers at HY would say “let it go”. With patience and acceptance and my ego left aside, my body, mind and spirit finally let go.  Sometimes moments like getting sick are like moments of surrender.

The Halifax Yoga studio is like my happy place.  I am forever grateful for my yoga community and of course my husband, for the push and continuous support.

Love and gratitude,

Stella  Nikolaou

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