• August: Margot Schelew

    Yoga has been a part of my life for 40 years. I was very lucky to be introduced to yoga by an Indian woman when I was a student at Simon Fraser University. I don’t believe we even had yoga mats back then. We certainly didn’t have special yoga clothes! Transcendental Meditation was also very popular at this time, thanks to the Beatles and …

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  • June: Lisa Jardine

    Lisa is a graduate of Halifax Yoga’s inaugural 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, and assisted the last two years in the HY YTT program by mentoring, facilitating and holding space for new yoga teachers. She has studied Yoga for Emotional Balance with Bo Forbes at Kripalu and will be attending a 10 day silent meditation Vipassana in Montebello, Quebec in early June.
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  • April: Stefanie Winters

    Stefanie has travelled to Hawaii to train with Baron Baptiste, assisted with the 200 hour Teacher Training Program here at Halifax yoga and travelled to the yoga institute at Kripalu for Yoga Training dealing with victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

    As her personal practice has grown her flow classes reflect her varied interests and incorporate …

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  • February: Ali Sangster

    After years of playing basketball and being a lifelong gym rat, I was reluctant to try yoga. I was extremely inflexible and thought that there was no way I’d like an activity that was so quiet, and what I thought would be boring. 7 years ago, my sister dragged me to my first class. I went to one of Sherry’s classes and was pushed in …

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