January: Andrea Libadia

It was almost two years ago when a friend of mine convinced me to try one of the new Real Ryder classes at Halifax Yoga. A spin class. At 6am, no less. Let’s just say I felt a little wary. I needn’t have worried. These bikes are so much fun! One class and I was hooked, but in all honesty, it wasn’t just the class. The music, the upbeat and positive vibe of the studio, the variety of fitness levels within the class, the sense of community and (of course) the fabulous workout. It wasn’t ‘easy’, but then again what workout is meant to be? It definitely took a few classes to get into the groove of a spin class, which I’d never participated in before…but especially when it came to moving these bikes from side to side!




















After attending early morning classes for almost a year, I took the Real Ryder Instructor Training. For me, being in front of a group like that, leading a class, was totally outside of my comfort zone.  I had already joined the team at Halifax Yoga about 6 months previous to this as a Massage Therapist. I had been an RMT for over 13 years already and had never been welcomed so openly into a new workplace as I had when starting with Halifax Yoga. After such a short amount of time, I felt as though I had already been part of the HY team for ages. It just fit.  This encouraged me to branch out, push myself past my comfort zone. I knew that I would do so with the care and support of this fabulous team. I was up for the challenge! In March of 2014, I began teaching one of the 6am 45 Ryde classes.

I love being in front of the class, leading a group through a Ryde as much I enjoy(ed) attending the classes. Other than that early morning alarm (lol), I still look forward to every aspect of my 6am Ryder classes. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to get an amazing workout AND have so much fun  with a great community of people?  I appreciate my early morning Ryders, too. I feel grateful each morning I am able to be part of such a positive, wonderful group. I feel honoured to be one of the first faces they see is the AM…..I try to make sure it is a smiling one! 🙂

~ Andrea Libadia

Be Challenged.
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