October: Michelle Marshall

I have been practicing yoga over the last 15 years here and there but it wasn’t until two years ago that my love for yoga would come full circle.

My son decided to leave home after graduating high school to pursue his dream of traveling. This left me feeling a bit of disconnection from my own identity. Just a few months after that I was in a car accident that left me hurt physically. I had just signed up for a full marathon prior to the car accident and now every time I tried to run it hurt. I had to slow down, way down and stop running all together and this brought on a bit of an emotional funk.

At the same time I was in a career that I wanted to leave for many years. It was brining me mental and physical stress. It was burning me out and I was not happy.

One day I decided to take back my life- to not do something that was making me unhappy any longer; so I walked into my boss’s office and told him how I was feeling. He gave me his support and his blessing to leave so without even a backup plan I gave my notice after eight years with the same company. It was scary!

It was the same day that I gave my notice at work that I called Laura Gibson and made an appointment to see her about becoming an Energy Exchanger at Halifax Yoga. That is when things started to turn. I began immediately to feel better. I fell in love with the studio and everyone in it! Yoga started to heal me emotionally and physically.

Having wanted to teach yoga for some time, I signed up for the 200 hour YTT program last September, shortly after becoming an Energy Exchanger, feeling as though all of the events before that conspired to get me there.

I started my internship at Halifax Yoga last February teaching a Restorative class once a week and anything other class I got the opportunity to sub. In the beginning I didn’t see myself teaching Restorative but I absolutely love it! I love being in a position to hold space for people to find some stillness, deep rest and stress relief. My heart gets bigger every time I am blessed to be able guide a class.

I now teach two regular classes a week at the studio – Restorative on Saturday evening and Restorative & Yoga Nidra on Friday mornings. I also teach the Little Pretzels and Parents class…so much fun!

I started the 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in September to continue to grow, both personally and as a yoga teacher, and I am assisting with the 200 Hour YTT program.

It is such a privilege to teach at such an amazing studio. Sherry Zak, Laura Gibson, all of the teachers, Energy Exchangers and members make this such a beautiful community!


One of my biggest learnings from being a teacher is to always look to myself first for the answers. I always keep in mind and heart the truth that every situation and experience in life, especially the harder or more challenging experiences, are all opportunities for growth!

~ Michelle

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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