Yogi of the Month – Stephanie Osberg

My journey with Yoga began as a small girl in Stewiacke.  My friend’s mom would teach us some asanas each night, this also was where I learned to tie-dye, and brought all of my animal rescues (I believe that these were Stewiacke’s only hippies at the time.) We moved shortly after, and I was not to encounter yoga again until my 20’s. Until I found Halifax Yoga I had not connected to yoga as I did in my childhood.  Halifax Yoga provides a comfortable nurturing space, and authentic caring for my personal growth as a practitioner. I feel constantly challenged, not only to improve my physical practice, but my mental one as well. This combination of support with challenge grows community along with strength, skill and practice.

I have struggled with mental health issues my entire life, they can make it hard to fit in.  I feel blessed to have had this opportunity for struggle, steel is forged in fire and my journey has taught me what the human spirit is capable of.  Everyday I fight a battle against the darkness within, a never ending mob of “should’s” and doubts. This war has been fought with fear and rage, altering numb, misery and denial.  These weapons were not effective and the cost of them is very high. I went out looking for new ones, ones that would make me stronger. Instead I have found I am already strong enough.  What I actually needed were tools.

I had spent five years sorting through my mental illness, and I was ready to face the world again.  I had crippling social anxiety, but I had been catching the odd class at HY for years and always enjoyed them.  Last May I decided to see if a regular practice could improve my back pain. I committed to three days a week minimum, and it was the best decision that I ever made.  My back pain is greatly reduced, my balance and flexibility are improving along with my strength and cardiovascular health. If that was all the benefit that I received, I would have been very pleased, but it has been just a drop in the ocean of yoga’s transformation power.

Halifax Yoga is a place where I can go to celebrate life.  The studio is always full of warmth and welcoming. We work hard, we laugh at ourselves too, a balance that is as important to health as any other.  In a world where is is easy to feel like we are falling behind, HY gives me a safe place to land, get planted and grow. HY is the music, the nurturing, the encouragement, and the big belly laughs that is at the centre of my wellness practice.  I would not be the same without the studio, my fellow yogis, and the AMAZING staff and teachers. I have no words to describe the gratitude I have, it takes up my whole heart. Thank you for the connection and the joy, and all the laughs to come.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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