Being Part of a Yoga Community

We conclude most yoga classes by bowing our heads and saying together, “Namaste”. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” Source. Another meaning of Namaste is “The Light in me, honours the light in you.” Source. By saying Namaste together at the end of class we are establishing a sense of community.

Why is being part of a community so important?

In society today, a lot of people often feel separated and alone. The desire to feel like we belong is a fundamental aspect of being human. Being part of a community is beneficial to our well-being. Yoga communities can make people feel warm, happy, included, and welcomed. Technology and today’s fast paced lifestyles can be very isolating.

Like attracts like. Having an interest in yoga is just the beginning of feeling part of our yoga community at Halifax Yoga. Positive energy attracts and create more positive energy. Yoga has a powerful effect on our minds and bodies and sharing in that with others can elevate those feelings even higher. It is inspiring when we see one of our favourite yoga instructors in class with us. It totally gives us a positive sense of unity and encourages us to keep coming to class to be part of the community.

Feeling that you are part of the community and building upon that takes time. In order to nurture a strong community, we all have to embrace it, add our energy, and step out of our comfort zones a little. How do you become part of our yoga community at Halifax Yoga?


  1. Make a friend. Smile & say hi to the people next to you. I took a chance late last summer & started talking to the person on the mat next to me. Turns out she too was taking yoga teacher training and we ended up in the same small group to practice together!
  2. Welcome the late one. Class starts & someone slips in looking lost and rushed. Create space by moving your mat, then on an energetic level, make space by sending welcoming vibes versus being annoyed that someone is sneaking in.
  3. Take a challenge. The 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a great way to jump into our community. The weekly check-ins, and going through each week of the challenge brings people together. I took the 40 days last year and my fellow students & I still reminisce about the challenges we faced together.
  4. Continuing education. Attend workshops and trainings. You will deepen your bond with fellow students while you deepen your practice and expand your knowledge. Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is intense and rewarding. The bonds you create within that community are amazing.
  5. Check out our online community. There are times people feel shy or even intimidated reaching out to become part of the yoga community. Halifax Yoga is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have an active space where everyone can feel safe to interact, find out about classes & workshops, and learn a little too.

The most basic definition of a community is a group of people interacting in the same location. Yet in a yoga community like at Halifax Yoga, it evolves into so much more than that. It starts with chatting before class, then going out for tea after class every week. Ultimately building a community that stands with you, wearing all yellow when you go into surgery. Take a chance, open yourself up and step into the community. In return your yoga community will celebrate your your growth and your breakthroughs, everything becomes deeper.


About Raechelle Masuda

Yoga has become an important part of Raechelle’s life, and her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Raechelle is passionate about her family, writing, being active, reading and adventure. She started out part of Halifax Yoga’s Energy Exchange, then joined HY’s Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall of 2017. She is now the assistant manager at Halifax Yoga and is excited to share her passions and inspirations.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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