Earth Day Everyday

Earth day was on Sunday this past weekend. We hope everyone was able to take some time and celebrate the Earth. It was a gorgeous day here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It truly felt like a spring day.

As yogis, we honour the Earth, we speak to being grounded, and Ahimsa. Ahimsa is one of the 5 yamas. Yamas are guidelines for yogis, either ethical, moral or societal. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence in all areas of life including physical, mental and emotional. We do this by embracing love.

The more we connect with the Earth the stronger the desire to protect the Earth. There are many ways as yogis we can honour the Earth. Shiva Rea has a program called Yoga Energy Activism that is really intriguing. We make choices everyday that impact the earth.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Earth Everyday!

1. Practice yoga outside.

  • Now that the weather is improving, take some time to roll out your mat in your backyard, on your deck or at a park. Taking deep breaths in the fresh air totally changes your practice. Feel the sun warm your skin. Being outdoors instantly improves your mood and well-being

2. Invest in a reusable water bottle & coffee cup.

  • There is so much waste created with plastic water bottles, and coffee cups. Do the earth a favour, purchase a bottle or mug that you adore. Then be sure to bring it along with you! We have some amazing water bottles at Halifax Yoga that are durable and come in fun colours!

3. Bring your own shopping bags.

  • There are so many fun options for reusable grocery bags now. Be sure to bring them along with you when you shop for groceries and your trips to the mall. Forgot your bag? If it is only a few items, carry them out with your receipt! Many stores are shifting their practices, either charging for plastic bags or providing paper bags.

4. Bring plants into your space.

  • If you can, plant a small vegetable garden. If you lack the space or live in a shaded area, try container plants or bring plants indoors. Having a few plants indoors does so much to improve air quality in your home, not to mention the mood-boosting elements that plants bring. It is therapeutic to work in the dirt with your hands.

5. Set an intention in your practice to love the Earth.

  • Dedicate your yoga practice to loving the Earth. Set your intention to focus on Ahimsa, sending love and compassion into the world. The more connected we are to the earth, the stronger the desire to protect and love the Earth. As we meditate we become more aware of the unity between all things, the Earth and ourselves.

Please share with us on Facebook or Instagram how you celebrate Earth Day!

About Raechelle Masuda

Yoga has become an important part of Raechelle’s life, and her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Raechelle is passionate about her family, writing, being active, reading and adventure. She started out part of Halifax Yoga’s Energy Exchange, then joined HY’s Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall of 2017. She is now the assistant manager at Halifax Yoga and is excited to share her passions and inspirations.

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