“Faith is believing in something that you can not see, but you know to be true.”

Taking a leap of faith can be scary, and trusting that it is right, even if it doesn’t make any sense, can be even more difficult.

This all has shown up in multiple areas of my life over the past year and a half. Personal relationships, as a new mom, my career(s), and in my yoga practice. Leaving my marriage was probably the biggest challenge and decision I have made, and at the time I had very little FAITH in my decisions because it was scary to leave. It was the “unknown” that I was afraid of. As a new mom to my then one year old I was lacking the FAITH to be able to care and provide for my son on my own and continue to give him my 100% best self.

Little did I know it was what was would lead me right where I was meant to be, in Laura Gibson’s hot nooner class one day last summer to hear the messages loud and clear that I was to take Yoga Teacher Training at Halifax Yoga that September. Freshly separated, no money, no job, new mom… I had every excuse you could think of why NOT to take the training. I only had FAITH that something was telling me to trust that it was exactly what I needed. With that, I also joined the Energy Exchange team and became a part of something bigger at the studio which went hand in hand with the things I was working on in my teacher training.


In my yoga practice, faith has shown up in many different ways, having the courage and trust to listen to what my body needs and take a different type of class. To have FAITH that when I’ve taken a yin or restorative vs. a flow or hot power (which is what I’m normally drawn to) that it’s exactly where I need to be. Also, when I come to a pose that may challenge me in a class to have the FAITH in my practice and In my body to try something new, and that may be to back off and take modifications (which I would have never done before).

My hopes in writing this is to inspire others to take a leap of FAITH in some way, whatever it looks like in your life or in your yoga practice, just trust that even if you can’t see it in that moment, even if it makes NO sense at all.. It is all part of a greater plan and you will be taken care of!

Sometimes you have to take a big leap in order to get an even greater reward, and my reward has been far greater with being a part of an amazing incomparable community of teachers, mentors, energy exchangers and yogis that are Halifax Yoga and I am forever grateful.

On our key-tags it says “where growth begins” and every day I look at it,read it and I always say “and never ends” because I continue to grow as a person, a mom and a yogi, all in FAITH and LOVE.

~ Laura Bowdridge

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