February: Lisa Gallant

Chinese Medicine is a very old medical system, dating back more then 2000 years! Most people know what Acupuncture is, and know it for pain relief. But in actuality it is part of a full medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine, and treats much much more then just pain.

My interest and passion in Traditional Chinese Medicine started after soul searching career options years ago. I have always known my career path resided in the healing profession, but it took some time to figure out exactly what the meant for me. At this time I had suffered from digestive issues which had been chronic for many year, and I was diagnosed as having IBS. I felt so much frustration as there seemed to be very few treatment options except for very expensive medications that may or may not work, and very few diet recommendations that didn’t seem to help a great deal. It seemed it was just the way it was, and I had to learn how to cope with the discomfort. Being very frustrated by these options, I decided to research for myself and started to explore “alternative medicines”. It was a long road of elimination diets and experimentation but it seemed the more I learned, the more it helped. I found an amazing Naturopath who helped me a great deal and opened my eyes to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The more I learned about this very ancient medical system, the more intrigued I became. This began my journey of learning. Both for purposes of my profession, and learning that would also give me knowledge to correct my own chronic health issues. How perfect, to be able to share this knowledge and be able to assist others in their journey to finding health and balance. It is a lifestyle of balance and awareness, and emphasis is on prevention. This is a healing art, and a science all wrapped up in one. I feel very blessed to have taken this path and be able to have the opportunity to have a part in helping others who are on the path to wellness.

It took a lot of training and hard work, but well worth every moment. Curious what kind of training is required to become a registered acupuncturist? 3 years of full time study, plus comprehensive board exams. To become a practitioner of TCM, 4 years, and to become a doctor of TCM 5! So rest assured we are well trained, but for best results and safety, be sure to see someone registered, with the proper training.

cuppingThe amazing thing about Chinese Medicine, is that it is a medical system tailored to each individual, dependent on what you’re presenting with. Everyone is a unique individual therefore requires a treatment plan based on this. In other words, if 4 people come into my office all presenting with insomnia, they will all be treated differently according to what they are presenting with. Patients will be treated from a tool box equipped with Acupuncture, diet therapy, herbal therapy, cupping, gua sha or tuina massage. Also lifestyle tips that may help too. Learning to be able to take care of your own health as much as possible, is of upmost importance.

How perfect to practice out of Halifax Yoga. A community that promotes healing, health and wellbeing. people standing side by side, all on their own personal journey to health, whatever that means to you!

Lisa Gallant

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