January: Sarah Letcher

I am so happy to be Halifax Yoga’s Featured instructor for January – bring on the new year full of light and love, goal setting and possibly some core strengthening???












I have a full life and am fortunate enough to say I truly love everything that I do. I am blessed with an incredible career in Massage Therapy (for 14 yrs now) and co-own a clinic called total kneads. I am also a musician and have been singing and playing in a band called Big Fish for 17 years. I work as a certified personal trainer at my husbands gym (Slim Gyms) and teach yoga two days a week at Halifax Yoga…and breathe…
So, this is why yoga is so important to me. It helps ground me and bring balance into my busy life. It gives ME permission to slow down and be with my breath. This is huge. And I’d love for it to be huge for you too.

I began practicing yoga about 9 years ago and found myself completely tuned into it. It made me feel strong. Powerful. Calm. I was encouraged to take my teacher training and have been teaching power flow classes since 2008.

I find myself not only at home within my own body when I have a regular practice, but also very much at home within the yoga community. The connections I have made with people (both instructors and students) over the years are ones I am truly grateful for.

Yoga continues to remind me I always have room to grow. I always have room for more, and that you’re never quite there. But that’s a good thing! It pushes me. There’s no getting bored as there’s always so much to know. I certainly am not the most knowledgeable yogi out there, but I feel genuine. I feel like me.

I teach to all levels and leave space for modifications. I try to change up elements of my classes every time. I want you to have fun, but also to feel challenged, interested and present. I love to try new sequences, to keep things fresh. I am heavily influenced by fitness and my husbands gym, so you’ll get loads of core and strength work with me.

I took the RealRyder instructor certification in May 2013 as well, but am only subbing at this time.

Join me Mondays and Thursdays for noon Hot Power and Shake Your Asana classes. Love to have you!!

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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