November: Sandra Ryan

I started teaching at the YMCA about 36 years ago. It wasn’t very pretty! I had taken a Leadership Training course and was asked to start a class. I made a tape and ventured forth one evening after my daughters were tucked in bed. Since that first class I have never stopped teaching because I love it!


Teaching and training for everything from aerobics, stepping, tubing, weight training, sliding, aqua aerobics, Pilates to all kinds of yoga has taught me to love and accept everyone for we truly are one in spirit.

I now embrace yoga above all else because it is ageless, spiritual, and is an amazing workout! I have never stopped learning, training and certifying. Yet there is still so much more to learn. It is a lifelong quest.

I can’t wait to get into the studio on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to teach “Flow” and to sub for anything else when asked. It is definitely not a “me” thing but a “we” activity as I receive so much love and energy from my participants and fellow instructors.

My style is just fun and uncomplicated. My wish is for everyone to know that they are unconditionally accepted no matter where they are on their life journey. It is important to know that a true yogi is not necessarily the one who does a posture perfectly but the one who shows up on their mat, breathes, moves and stays open to the process.

When I share my yoga I feel like I am at my best, most compassionate, non judgmental and loving self. I hope that you have (or will have) the same experience. I look forward to seeing you!


Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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