Pregnancy & Yoga

The delivery of my first child did not go as planned. I will spare the details, but the end result was a C-section. The Doctor stated I was not to attempt a natural delivery if I were to have a second. Verbatim “No natural birthing for you.” Great bedside manner, I know. At that particular moment the announcement didn’t bother me. Why would it? I had a beautiful new baby and just went through HELL to meet him. I am not even considering the birth of another at this moment.

Eventually I became pregnant a second time. I was met with a challenge. Do I follow the advice of the Doctor who delivered my first and surrender to a second C-section, or do I try for a natural delivery. I had to do some research. I would say I struggled with this decision throughout my pregnancy. Nearly up until the very end. But the whole way along I tried my very hardest to “prime” my mind and body for a natural delivery. This is where yoga comes in.

I had done yoga on and off as a form of exercise over the years. That’s what it was always considered in my mind….exercise. I thought ….okay let’s keep the body in shape this pregnancy. I will eat well and exercise. Maybe being in better shape physically will contribute to a successful natural delivery. I never ever imagined there was so much more to it. The experience that yoga offered this tired sick pregnant lady was truly therapeutic. I went to class about 3 times per week. I did regular ole yoga, minus the hot classes. It felt AMAZING. Yes I got exercise, but there was something speaking louder throughout my practice.

I would hear things like:

“What is YOUR body craving right now?”


“Take a moment of gratitude for yourself”

I was able to join a class and for a moment (or 60 moments) I could tune out, pause and be with myself in my practice. I could forget about all the appointments, the lack of sleep from peeing so much, and the thing that was always weighing on my mind……the possible outcome of my delivery.

The instructors guided me through, offering a plethora of modifications applicable to my “condition.” I never once felt like I didn`t belong. In fact one instructor told me I was inspirational. What a mood boosting comment to receive!

I practiced up until the bitter end. I remember my last class. It was a flow with Kari. We hugged and I teared up. I truly felt like I had done a good thing for myself and my unborn son. I flowed with him bouncing around inside me for the majority of my pregnancy. This chapter was complete.

The section was scheduled for January 6. We didn`t make it. My little man Finn came along on his own January 2nd. I believe my yoga practice allowed him to remain calm in those last few days and into labor. My yoga practice allowed ME to remain calm also.


BREATH was possible during contractions…….

GRATITUDE was among the wealth of feelings I had as he lay on my chest untouched by a single staff member for an entire hour after birth……

A natural birth happened because that is what MY BODY WAS CRAVING……..

Namaste ~ Jocelyn Bailey

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