Rehydration- The Nuun

I distinctly remember my first class at Halifax Yoga. After class, Sherry asked me how I made out and how I was feeling. I said to her, soaked in sweat; “ I felt like half way through I just burned out, like my mind was there but my body just couldn’t move”. Sherry handed me an electrolyte tablet and told me to add this to my water, drink it up, and let her know how I felt afterwards. I am not sure what I was expecting. Whether I thought Buddha was going to come down and enlighten me on how to be the best yogi, or my energy was going to soar and I was going to then run back to work.


What did happen though is I went home and did a little research into electrolyte rehydration. If you are sweating in a any form of exercise you need to rehydrate for that loss of electrolytes. If you are sweating A LOT, you will find water is not enough to rehydrate you and give your body the energy it needs. This is where the Nuun tablets come into play.

These tablets come in a little tube. There are many different flavours ranging from Iced tea to fruit punch, and everything in between. I use 1/2 a tablet in a 500 ml bottle or 1 tablet in a 1-1.5 litre bottle (this is my personal preference). What I find is, if I add this tablet to my water and drink throughout my practice I tend to keep my energy through the hour. I tend to have less side effects from dehydration after practice ( headache, fatigue, extreme thirst) that I found I would get when I first started without using these tablets.

While the first time I added electrolytes to my water I didn’t experience much, I can now say if I don’t add electrolytes to my water, I definitely feel a difference in my practice. I would invite everyone who is doing a hot yoga class to try the nuun tablets and see if they can feel a difference. While you wont see Buddha, you will see a change in yourself. It will surprise you what rehydration and a simple replenish of electrolytes will do for you. You can pick up a bottle of these tablets at the studio!

Jennifer Toole

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