‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at HY!



xmas‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

(At Halifax Yoga!)




‘ Twas the night before Christmas – and all through HY:

There were yogis – in poses – in Ocean, and Sky.

In Earth, the riders (on RealRyders®!) – were spinning away,

…fitting (Christmas!) Cardio – into their day!


The props were all tucked – in their cubbyholes – with care,

with thoughts of Vinyasa – Hot power – and Yin / Yang in the air!

The mat bags were hung, on the hooks, upstairs,

…in hopes yoga mats (books or passes!) soon would be there…!


In a Season that’s filled with SO MUCH thought, about gifts,

Being present at HY is a gift – that (always!) gives – (ALL!) our spirits: a lift.

We’ve received SO MUCH from this community; from ALL those who share

their passion for Yoga, and mindful practice… with skill – and with flair!


Classes, with poses (and sequences) to open: our hips; chests, and hearts;

Yin and Restorative stretch our spirits – as well as: each body part!!!

Kundalini and Karma classes help us all – to open our minds;

YTT and Master Classes train HY yogis to be: “FINEST KIND”!!!


The Workshops on Reiki, and Tarot; the Chakras, and Yin;

40 Days; Foam Rollers; Dreamcatchers; and: A Song to Sing!

Prenatal; Mom and Baby; and Parents Night Out;

“Yoga IS for Everyone!” – at HY – there is simply NO doubt!


So…take Up dog – or Cobra! Take Down Dog! … Let’s flow !!!)

Take Pigeon! And Eagle! Take Gecko! Then: Bow!

To the top of your mat! Ground your feet! Extend tall!

Now… Chaturanga Dandasana!… go: high – to – low, ALLl!!!


Inhaleexhale… “Use your breath as a tool…”

find your Dhristi; be present – and be a Yogi who’ll:

be mindful on your mat; Play your Edge, and ALWAYS believe…

…in YOURSELF!!! – and in everything – that YOU can achieve!


Floor to core! In all your poses – foundation is KEY!

In your practice – ON your mat: you’ll soon start to see:

when you “soften to strengthen” your asanas, it’s (also!) true that:

you will find your “True North” – in your life – OFF your mat!


Energy exchangers, who are so welcoming, when we walk in the door;

Teachers who help deepen our yoga practice – in each class – just a little bit more!

If our joints become stiff; our muscles ache, or for any other physical pain…

… HY acupuncture and massage therapists can get us going (and: flowing !!!) again!


Sherry and Laura make sure every day in the Studio – is seamless – and smooth,

they’re working hard for us all – and it just goes to prove:

HY is the BEST! – may the strength of this Community … only ever increase!

May your Holidays (like yoga practice at HY!) be a time (AND a place) to find: Peace…


Create stillness – and space – in the coming Season, for yourself, EVERY day;

let Comfort and Joy surround you: be present – and stay…!

Share Holiday Magic with family and friends – AND have (lots!!!) of Good Cheer;

(…we just might need ANOTHER Turkey Burner … once the New Year is here!!!)


So… when the last class is over… and we head home – for a long (???) Winter’s rest;

(AND to celebrate – and be Festive – in ALL(!) the ways we like best!)

As daylight fades, here’s a Wish – as stars twinkle (and start to shine bright):


“Namasté (and Merry Christmas! ) to ALL Yogis…

and to ALL: a Good Night!”


A HUGE Thank You! to everyone at Halifax Yoga for a GREAT 2014!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! You ALL deserve it!!!

~ Carole Thompson © 2014 ~

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