What is Grounding?

The irony that today I struggled to feel grounded, when I set out to write about being grounded, is not lost on me. The day has been full of sunshine and the earth has been calling out to me. Both before I went into the studio and as I left, I walked by the lake breathing in the fresh spring air. Mid-afternoon I gave up attempting to write and went for a drive to clear my head.

I found myself heading towards Earth Goddess, a local store that I remember Erica, our Reiki Master Teacher, suggested to find crystals. I always understood that selecting crystals was an exercise of trusting our own intuition. This guided me to pick out a smoky quartz, which included a card that explained that this crystal “helps to ground and connect you to the earth.”

As the weather begins to improve and the signs of spring appear, we will hear our yoga instructors speak to “being grounded” often. What does being grounded mean? How does one become grounded and why is it important?

The feeling of being grounded often brings up the imagery of a strong tree with deep, well established roots. Something that can flow with changes while still growing roots deep inside the earth. You’ll feel at ease and connected to the earth when you are grounded. You feel safe that everything will take care of itself.

Whereas when people speak of not being grounded, they are usually referring to a sense of feeling spacey, scattered, and overwhelmed. When someone is not feeling grounded, they tend not to be able to finish projects (or write blog posts!) and question things more readily. Plus there is usually a strong urge to go outside.

Definition – What does Grounding mean?

“Grounding is connecting with the earth both physically and spiritually. On a physical level, grounding involves practicing yoga poses that facilitate this connection to Earth, including proper techniques to ensure a solid base – for example, making sure all points of the feet are connected to the earth. On a spiritual level, it means tapping into the grounding energy of the earth (and the universe).

Spiritual grounding is achieved through asana practice and other yoga techniques such as meditation, chanting mantras and pranayama breathing exercises. Balancing the muladhara (root) chakra also facilitates grounding and offers a sense of security and safety.”


How to become grounded both physically and spiritually:

  1. Use it as a mantra to repeat to yourself throughout the day, “I am grounded.” On your inhale, “I am” then exhale “grounded”. You can take this mantra with you to class and throughout your day.
  2. Go outside & if you can, go barefoot. Intentionally placing your feet on the ground will allow you to feel the earth’s energy and truly reconnect with nature. Do a few yoga poses, like Tadasana (mountain pose) or Vrksasana (Tree Pose).
  3. Go to a yoga class. Go through the poses with grounding as your intention. Yin classes are great for grounding. At Halifax Yoga, Kari Morgan’s Yin Trilogy is an excellent example of a yin grounding workshop.
  4. Journal about your feelings. What does feeling grounded feel like compared to what you are feeling now? What are your “roots” or core values?
  5. Meditation. If you search grounding guided meditations you will find numerous choices. One of my favourites is with Davidji, called Chakra Affirmations.
  6. Earthing. Similar to #1, earthing is simply taking a walk barefoot. I was taken aback when at a festival and our hiking guide was barefoot. Yet he was so grounded, we all felt the energy as we walked then mediated in the mountains. Do earthing with intention, making it a walking meditation.

Establishing a strong foundation with a healthy grounding energy allows you to face everyday things with security and calmness.

After struggling all day to find a way to feel grounded, it wasn’t until I sat with my feet planted, with determination to finish this project, that I finally felt grounded.

How do you ground yourself? Please feel free to share on social media your thoughts and techniques to reconnect and feel grounded.

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